Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Gain a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology while learning the basics of cryptocurrency with this comprehensive introductory program. See how different blockchains operate and learn to strategically trade cryptocurrency so you can compete in today’s decentralized economy.

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  • 1 month

Understanding Blockchain is Understanding the Future.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Course has been designed from the bottom up to give you the basic tools you need to start pursuing a career in the cryptocurrency field of your choice. Understanding the fundamental concepts taught in this program is a vital first step on your way to becoming a cryptocurrency or blockchain professional.

Gain Actionable Skills

This course will give you actionable skills you can use to advance your career, grow your personal finances, or both. The ways to innovate using blockchain are almost endless. Learn to effectively research opportunities for viability and get out in front of the next big advancement.

  • Trade Cryptocurrency
  • Research ICOs/ITOs
  • Understand the Tools
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Understand Blockchain

Position yourself to take full advantage of our distributed future by understanding how blockchain technology works and the actions you can take to benefit from the transition.

  • Deconstruct Blockchain Technology
  • Understand Hashing
  • Learn the Terminology
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What You Will Learn

Kickstart Your Crypto Career

Understand the world of blockchain technology like never before. Learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain platforms, Dapps, smart contracts, and exchanges.

Digital Currency Overview

Understand the current cryptocurrency market. Learn what cryptocurrencies are and explore the historical roots of the technology. Gain a clear picture of the trading landscape so you can get started investing.

Breaking Down Bitcoin

Discover Bitcoin and study its history to understand the role it has in the cryptocurrency marketplace. See why the oldest cryptocurrency is still the most relevant and trusted digital currency in the world.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

We guide you through the different crypto wallets solutions and ways of storing digital assets. This course provides you with the information you need to select the best combination of storage solutions to match your specific goals.

Crypto Research Tools

Learn how to research new coins and the importance of community in the crypto space. You will also learn how to use the most common communication apps utilized by professionals in the space to talk about the latest trends.

Buying Strategies

Get a break down of several different crypto buying strategies designed to help you ensure your position is always optimized for success. Learn to react to the market and keep your investments safe.

Classifications of Digital Assets

Understand the different classes of digital assets, their benefits, drawbacks, and use cases. Learn about how blockchain technology is applied in our economy and the major industries it’s disrupting.

Blockchain Consensus Methods

Discover how consensus algorithms work on different blockchains and why understanding these mechanisms is so important. The course explores Proof of Work, Delegated Proof of Work, Masternodes, and much more.

Technical Analysis Basics

You’ll learn how to analyze the market using the latest tools of the trade. Learn about how to read into the numbers and find the optimal price to buy a coin. Spot trends and act on the predicted future of a token.

Need to prepare?

Before you enroll in the course you should take a moment to read our introductory guide to Blockchain Technology.


This is a beginner level course, so no prior knowledge of blockchain technology or cryptocurrency is required to take the coursePotential students should be computer/technology literate and have a basic understanding of online navigation.

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Start Building Your Blockchain Career

Take your first step to becoming a blockchain and cryptocurrency professional by learning the fundamentals today!